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About Orkney

Orkney is the most amazing place - a group of around 70 magical islands off the north east coast of Scotland. You'll find you'll fall in love with it and want to return year after year. The amazing archaeology, history and culture of the islands and their people, the tranquillity, the changing seascapes, the big sky, the wildlife - all of these get a hold on you. Those of us lucky enough to live and work here can't imagine why anyone would ever want to live anywhere else.

On a special tour with Orkney Aspects there's so much more to experience than you can ever imagine!













The largest of the Orkney islands is the Mainland,  linked to the south isles of Burray and South Ronaldsay by the Churchill Barriers.


Our other islands  are reached by  ferry and air services from Mainland Orkney. Part of the fun of visiting the islands is the ferry ride through our sheltered waters, with opportunities for wildlife spotting from the boats.


Since we offer private tours we can include absolutely anything you want in your tour with us – so whichever of the other islands you want to visit we can arrange it.












Pat was a fantastic guide who spent a day showing and detailing to use the stone age history of the Orkneys. Pat is nearly part of the culture with her extensive knowledge of this wonderful place.

Flexible to add a couple of items to the itinerary she had planned out she was waiting at the ferry terminal to begin our wonderful days outing. We look forward to spending a little more time with pat next time we get to this part of Scotland.


We spent a day with Pat in June and it was worth the investment. She did a super job of catering to our kids (7,8,10) and keeping them engaged. They still talk about some of the history that Pat taught them. We got so much more out of our stay than if we had gone it alone. A highlight for the kids was a visit to Barony Mill where they got to start the water powered mill. I bought some beremeal and made some tasty scones ! Cannot recommend Pat's tours more highly. Would love to spend 2 days next time.


Our private tour with Orkney Aspect's Pat Stone was an incredible experience. We had only enough time to spend two days with her in Orkney but it honestly felt like much longer with all that we were able to do and see. Before our tour, we had emailed with Pat and had done a fair amount of reading on the Neolithic sites of Orkney. Pat is a wealth of information and not only shared background information, current theories and latest discoveries, but asked our thoughts and engaged us in discussion about the mystery and significance of these historic sites in a very conversational way and really brought the past to life.




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